ARK Wallet

The Ark for your crypto money

This is where your money will survive hacker attacks, market crash and economic crisis

ARK Wallet is more than just a wallet

Download and Protect Money

We did that, that's been
missing for a long time
in crypto wallets

Easy and secure access from any device, anywhere in the world

Technology - ARK FACE ID 2.0

Your face is your key to your wallet

Easily switch phones without fear of losing access to your wallet

3 sophisticated neural networks:

  • Protect your data 24/7
  • Identifies the owner's face
  • Confirms you're a live person
  • Verifies it's not a fake

Even if intruders steal your password or phone - they can't steal your money

Total protection
your money and data

Technology - ARK DEFENSE

Increase your security to the maximum

And forget the fear of losing your password or phone

  • 5 validation methods
  • Protection from phishing scams
  • Protection from password loss and theft
  • Protection from phone loss

We increased security without making your wallet harder to use

Secure crypto-deposit

Technology - ARK FARMING

This is an analogy to bank deposits. However, in ARK Wallet, there is no freezing of funds, you can use the money at any time

  • You receive daily uninterrupted income of up to 0.1% per day, when the money is just lying in your wallet
  • No risk of losing money
  • Over 200 cryptocurrencies bring you profit every day
  • No need to set up anything, everything is automated
  • Your coins are available to you at any time

Money has to work for you, while others are afraid, you earn without risk

And we involved
special technology

A platform for fair and transparent business relations on the Internet


Reputation, words and promises can be measured by facts and figures that cannot be faked

By entering into a crypto contract, each participant puts part of their reputation as a guarantor of the fulfillment of their obligations

Now everyone can:

  • Create, without a lawyer, a digital contract with anyone on the Internet in 2 minutes
  • Receive money without delay, as the smart contract works without weekends and vacations, not sick and always in touch
  • Regulate employee / manager / partner / investor / starter promises
  • Terminate cooperation on time and easily if the other party doesn't deliver on commitments
  • Resolve disputes through 4 levels of digital court. No paperwork and wasted time
  • See each person's business reputation, which cannot be faked even before the collaboration begins

We also made for you

Put payments
Put payments on a timer

Businesses no longer have to suffer to make all employee transfers at once on a certain day. Set money to be sent on a specific date in advance

Your money gets
where it needs to go

The network for sending money (the path from your purse to the recipient's purse) is generated automatically and now you are protected from the situations when you choose the wrong path and the money goes to nothing

Use with comfort

The interface is as intuitive and easy to use as possible so that the app can use even a 7-year-old child

Stay up-to-date
in the WEB 3.0 world

Get daily news about blockchain and cryptocurrencies from a number of reliable sources

Why did we make
the wallet like this?

Because $500,000 was stolen from me in 2017


I was hacked via email, they found one-time passwords and stole money from three places at once: from 2 crypto-exchange and crypto-purse

I thought then, that if there was a FACE ID, the thieves would not be able to do anything then

FACE ID alone blocked all these 3 points for hackers

I dreamed that crypto-purses would have other functions useful for mankind

I did not wait for a super-techno-hero to come and realize my dream

I took it on my own

And now I have that perfect wallet. Now my money is safe and I do not worry


History of team-lead community DAO ARK Ivan Limarev

That's why our goal is

To make ARK Wallet your friend and guide in the world of cryptocurrency

Get started in 3 steps

It takes a few minutes

Download ARK Wallet
Create your wallet
Start using cryptocurrencies and increase daily up to 0.1% of the amount that just lies in your wallet

You really want to start, but...

We understand you. This topic is new to everyone. That's why we've created a free mini-course with experts about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Each issue is narrated by a different celebrity: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Pavel Durov, Vitalik Buterin, Steve Wozniak, Iron Man

Course will be available soon
Course will be available soon

The wallet was created thanks to the investment of "DAO ARK"

DAO ARK is a decentralized autonomous investment fund

It realizes investments in WEB 3.0 projects and manages ARK Wallet project

Everyone of participants of DAO ARK influences the development of the wallet thanks to a new type of management (ARK Consensus)

You can also become a manager of really transparent and decentralized DAO ARK organization with the help of crypto coin - ARK COIN

For all the benefits of participating in DAO ARK see the official website